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The Universal Character of the Fetish: Critical Theory and Social Crisis.

As I mentioned in the last post I am in the midst of writing an essay for the upcoming Annual Critical Theory conference in Rome. I’m using the paper as the opportunity to work on some ideas I have in … Continue reading

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Marx on Money in The Grundrisse.

In comments on the post on Kratke’s talk, I mentioned what I view as the importance of Marx’s comments on money in The Grundrisse. I didn’t quote any of them.  But Mike B was kind enough to provide some of … Continue reading

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Marx’s Version of the Trinity Formula II

Here’s a pdf i’ve done correcting the structure of Fernbach’s translation of the trinity formula. I know Fernbach makes some egregious errors in his translation of the chapter on interest-bearing capital, so I imagine there are also some errors in … Continue reading

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Marx’s Version of The Trinity Formula.

Michael Heinrich mentions the following in Engels’ Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx’s Original Manuscript: At this stage, a serious error of Engels has to be mentioned. Marx wanted to begin his seventh chapter, “Revenues (Income) and … Continue reading

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Michael R. Krätke – Why Could Marx Not Complete Capital?

For all the Marxologists out there here’s a talk by Michael Krätke on Why Could Marx Not Complete Capital?  However, the title of talk is somewhat deceiving: Krätke doesn’t give one answer, he gives a number of them, while also … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s Introduction to Capital

At the moment I’m copy editing. My time is also being taken up by my part time job, where I literally serve as an appendage of a machine. I cut paper down to various sizes on a guillotine. So in … Continue reading

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De Brosses, Marx and Fetishism.

Some rough thoughts I’ve had on the parallels between De Brosses’ theory of fetishism and Marx’s use of this theory in his critique of political economy:             William Pietz provides a history of the concept of fetishism. Pietz’s history traces … Continue reading

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The Trinity Formula

As Mentioned in the last post here’s them there Trinity Formula section where Marx provides a handy if fragmentary summary of much of what he has argued up to that point and shows how what can be called the fetish … Continue reading

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Marx, Structure and Exposition.

Plenty has been written on Marx’s method of presentation in Capital. Has anything been written on the problem of exposition in Marx’s presentation in Capital? Or the problem of exposition of other works with dialectical structures? I’m finding this issue … Continue reading

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Capitalists and Searchable Pdfs

Writing a massive study must be much more tedious and time consuming without searchable pdfs. Even though I’ve taken notes and highlighted passages its usually quicker to find them by searching pdfs. As a bonus sometimes the searches turn up … Continue reading

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