Heinrich’s Introduction to Capital

At the moment I’m copy editing. My time is also being taken up by my part time job, where I literally serve as an appendage of a machine. I cut paper down to various sizes on a guillotine. So in lieu of new content I’ll plug Michael Heinrich’s definitive introduction to Capital, soon to be available from Monthly Review Press.

Unlike the introduction to Capital I read as undergrad Heinrich’s introduction doesn’t peddle the myths and legends of weltanschauung marxism. In contrast, Heinrich’s introduction provides a clear and sophisticated discussion of Marx’s critique of political economy. This discussion also provides an excellent overview of the contentious issues in interpretations of Marx’s critique of political economy. Finally, Heinrich’s introduction provides two important things other introductions lack: (1) an exposition of Marx’s theory of value as a monetary theory of value. (2) an exposition of how this monetary theory of value unfolds across all three volumes of Capital. In other words its a steal at less then $ 16.oo. Buy it here.

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