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Marx and Lukacs.

Now I’m re-writing my Lukacs chapter. I’m trying to stress the discontinuity between Lukacs’ conception of reification and Marx’s theory of fetishism. To be sure there are thematic parallels. Lukacs’s analysis was also certainly historically important and includes some conceptual … Continue reading

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Monetisation and the Genesis of the Western Subject.

Interesting article in the new issue of HM by Richard Seaford: This paper searches early Greek texts (Homer, Herakleitos, Parmenides, Plato) for the genesis of the idea of the individual mind or soul as a unitary site of consciousness, and … Continue reading

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Althusser and Fetishism.

Currently trawling through my literature review. So apologies for the lack of any substantive content. One thing that did surprise me while trawling through the reams of commentary on fetishism was how much I agreed with Althusser’s conception of fetishism … Continue reading

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Youth of America.

Its always great when the Melvins cover Youth of America. Last night’s version was incredible. Shit is timely too. Have a listen: older live version with the dude from cows and dave stone Recent live version    

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Bonefeld Course on Marx.

Stumbled upon the syllabus of Werner Bonefeld’s course on Marx. If your just starting on Capital, unlike other popular courses you may be familiar with, Bonefeld’s syllabus has the virtue of focusing on the main themes of Capital.  He also gets fetishism and … Continue reading

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Books on Marx’s monetary theory of value.

Suzanne de Brunhoff’s Marx on Money can be found here. The ISMT edited collection featuring Arthur,Bellofiore, Reuten Murrary, Mosley et all can be found by googling  mosely marx arthur ism. It’s the first result.

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Seeing a few Melvins shows over the next few days. Here’s some amazing youtube footage from the Joe Preston era:  

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Lit Review Pet Peeves Continued

Behold the flourishing of the absurd statement that Lukacs discovered Marx’s theory of alienation in his theory of commodity fetishism: Inspired by Simmel, Lukacs deduces and rediscovers the theory of alienation of labour from the theory of commodity fetishism. As … Continue reading

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Heinrich on Marx’s State Theory after “Grundrisse” and “Capital”

Here’s an interesting conference paper of Heinrich’s on the development of Marx’s theory of the state. I found it while looking for articles on Heide Gerstenberger’s Impersonal Power, which I plan on reading along with some of the other stuff on … Continue reading

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Error on Trinity Formula Translation error.

JR was kind enough to point out my cock up on this post. In the post I point out that distorted it is a bad translation of verkehrten form. For some reason I then substitute verrückt for verkehrten. I don’t how I managed … Continue reading

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