Perverted Forms of Fetisishm II

This one is particularly absurd:

“Yoga and fetishism: reflections on Marxist social theory.”
“classical social theory – including Marxist social theory – is based on a critique of the relationshipbetween religion and society. The philosophical underpinning of this is the question of consciousnessand the projection of consciousness onto things. Drawing on contemporary anthropological andphilosophical theories of fetishism, this article engages with Marx’s critique of religion and therecovery of social value by way of an analysis of yoga. Two interrelated claims are made. First, yogarepresents a paradigm shift in the historical development of religious consciousness. A critical analysisof this development extends the fetishization of social relations in things to the level of self-consciousness in the body. Second, a critique of yoga’s fetishization of the body andconsciousness extends and expands Marx’s critique of f obscured social value and enables a more holistic ecological politics concerning the value of life.”

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