Lit Review Pet Peeves Continued

Behold the flourishing of the absurd statement that Lukacs discovered Marx’s theory of alienation in his theory of commodity fetishism:

Inspired by Simmel, Lukacs deduces and rediscovers the theory of alienation of labour from the theory of commodity fetishism. As Marx’s Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 were only published in 1937, Lukacs could not have known them any more than Simmel. However, in this instance, it is less through a synthesis of Marx and Simmel- as was the case in Towards the Sociology of Modern Drama– than through a fusion of the Marxist category of ‘abstract work’ and Weber’s category of formal rationality that Lukacs reconstructs the theory of economic alienation.

Cuz if someone has a theory of alienated labour it must be Marx’s theory of alienation. I also like how the author moves from saying Simmel’s influence led Lukacs to rediscover the theory of alienation and in the next sentence says it was really Marx and Weber.

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