Bonefeld Course on Marx.

Stumbled upon the syllabus of Werner Bonefeld’s course on Marx. If your just starting on Capital, unlike other popular courses you may be familiar with, Bonefeld’s syllabus has the virtue of focusing on the main themes of Capital.  He also gets fetishism and the value form. That’s worth missing out on some intricate sharpie diagrams. The Syllabus also has a kick ass recommended further reading list that nicely supplements Heinrich’s Introduction to Capital.

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3 Responses to Bonefeld Course on Marx.

  1. Nice to see that Bonefeld recommends Daniel Bensaid’s Marx For Our Times. I’m a big admirer of that book, and I’m kind of baffled that it has never gotten any major acclaim.

  2. rl says:

    is there a copy of the syllabus somewhere?

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