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Reichelt on The Frankfurt School and Reification.

If any of you are looking into how the Frankfurt School conceptualized reification, or if any of you who have tried to figure it out, the following anecdote is quite telling. It confirms my suspicion that the concept of reification … Continue reading

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Marxological Diss Crits.

If I were in cultural or media studies I could probably write a comparative study of diss tracks and scholarly criticism. I could compare the 90s east coast west coast beef with the 60s Marxist Humanist and Althusserian Marxists beef.  … Continue reading

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John Weeks (SOAS) The theory and empirical credibility of commodity money

Monetary Theory of Value peeps might be interested in Weeks paper which can be downloaded over at the CSE Trans-Pennine Working Group. Here is the abstract:   The recent instability in financial markets demonstrated the inadequacy of the mainstream treatment … Continue reading

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Adorno 1962 Seminar on Marx.

What follows is a rough translation a friend made for me of H.G. Backhaus’ notes from Adorno’s 1962 seminar on Marx. The notes are published as the appendix to Backhaus’s yet untranslated Dialektik der Wertform: Untersuchungen zur marxschen Ökonomiekritik A translation … Continue reading

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My New House.

I’ve spent most of the week performing two tedious activities: proofing and re-writing my chapter on Lukacs and moving. So here’s some filler. One problem though: I don’t know of any songs about proofing. If they exist I don’t want … Continue reading

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Summer Freeze.

The 2012 summer anthem for this part of the world:

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Notes on Lukacs V: Why Lukacs would never make it as an Anglophone Philosopher.

The Re-rewrite of my Lukacs re-write is in full swing. I am once again reminded of terminological slippage Lukacs commits that wouldn’t fly in these analytic days. This slippage consists in: (a) Lukacs’s interchangable use of the terms commodity form, … Continue reading

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