In Praise of Mick Barr.

I first heard of Mick Barr when I was living in the Bus Stop House in Olympia Washington in the early 2000s. My housemates were in droney/experimental bands and listened to droney/experimental music. Some of the experimental music they listened to were two of Mick Barr’s early bands:  Chromtech and Orthrelm. I was sorta it them when I heard them on the stereo. But when Orthrelm played a show in Olympia they blew my mind. Mick Barr did shit with the guitar I’d never seen before. Stuff I reckon only he can do:


My housemate who toured with Orthrelm told me about the unique way they practiced. They it did verbally, saying their own parts as they drove to the next show.

Around the same time people in Olympia were into another band: Quix*o*tic. I went to see them and Mick Barr was their bass player.

Some years passed. Then one day I had a random conversation with my friend about black metal. He tells me he never got into it but that his old friend from DC, Mick Barr, was into it. My friends comment reminds me of Mick Barr. When I get home I check out what he’s been up. That’s how I find out about Krallice.


They fucking rule! Like Fucking Weakling but with that Mick Barr guitar!!

Yesterday I found about another one of his projects Oldest with the drummer from Universal Order of Armaggedon. Like Discharge but with that Mick Barr guitar. They are a new favorite band:

Its no wonder he seems to have received an unrestricted grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.





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