My New House.

I’ve spent most of the week performing two tedious activities: proofing and re-writing my chapter on Lukacs and moving. So here’s some filler. One problem though: I don’t know of any songs about proofing. If they exist I don’t want to hear them since I assume they are written by twee pedants like The Decemberists. I also don’t know of any songs that use packing and moving to describe the the tedious activities of packing and moving. If they are brought up its usually in terms of heartbreak and movin’ on or in the inspirational bent of movin’ on up. I’m not bringing this up to draw awareness to a glaring gap in lyrical topics and to insist that songs about proof reading and moving must be written! (For my money Devo is probably the only band who could write a decent song about both topics.) Really it’s more of a justification for the fact that the only song I can think of that is vaguely appropriate to the topic is this one; and its not really that appropriate. Unless my new room somehow initially instills me with new home owner smugness but eventually fills me with gothic miserablist horror like the trajectory of this song.


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