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Bonefeld on Ordo-Liberalism and the State.

This talk made the rounds several months ago but worth a listen if you missed it:

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Debt and Punishment: A Critical Review of David Graeber’s Debt

Probably the best review I’ve read of Graeber’s book on debt has been translated over at communism. Glad someone like Ingo Stuzle made their way through it. I found the combination of the plain speakin’ first person narrative highly tedious and … Continue reading

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John L Anderson: Capital A Weapon of Mass Destruction.

John Louis Anderson 1945- John Louis Anderson is a former nuclear physicist and weapon designer who is currently doing research on what he terms the gravest threat to our national security: Capital as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Anderson was … Continue reading

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Backhaus Lecture on Adorno.

For all you German speakers, or admirers of the dulcet tones of Hans-Georg Backhaus, here’s a talk he gave on Adorno und die metaökonomische Kritik der positivistischen Nationalökonomie.

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In Praise of Mick Barr.

I first heard of Mick Barr when I was living in the Bus Stop House in Olympia Washington in the early 2000s. My housemates were in droney/experimental bands and listened to droney/experimental music. Some of the experimental music they listened … Continue reading

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Sohn-Rethel Translations and Fragments.

Curious to hear if any of y’all have any preferences for which Sohn Rethel texts they would like to see translated. Also, here’s some fragments he wrote on attitudes to technology in Naples.

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Notes on Lukacs IV: The Importance of the Dialectic.

In my previous notes I’ve stated that dialectics are a crucial part of Lukacs’ Marxism. Why is this and what do they do? To begin with dialectics provide the basis for Lukacs’ conception of Marxism as a method. In What … Continue reading

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Notes on Lukacs III: On an important difference between Lukacs and Western Hegelian Marxism.

In yesterday’s post I highlighted what I thought were important points of continuity between Lukacs and Western Hegelian Marxism. I argued there was continuity in the conception of Marxism as a method of social critique that fused Marxian notions with … Continue reading

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Prussian Spy Report on Marx

“He leads the existence of a real bohemian intellectual. Washing, grooming, and changing his linen are things he does rarely, and he likes to get drunk… He has no fixed times for going to sleep and waking up.”–prussian spy report … Continue reading

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Notes On Lukacs II: Hegelian Marxism as a Method.

There is a widespread conception that History and Class Consciousness is the founding document of Western Marxism. This conception is based on a notion of continuity between History and Class Consciousness and Western Marxism. Although the exception is often made … Continue reading

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