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Capricorn Shiva, Abstract Labour and Revolutionary Wellness.

Capricorn Shiva is the author of several obscure Marxian pamphlets from the early 1970s. In them Shiva espouses a pronounced substantialist interpretation of abstract labour that he links to New Age conceptions of Wellness. Little is known is about Capricorn … Continue reading

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Marxist Theory in Ughmerikah.

Announcing a new series of posts inspired by Roberto Bolano’s Nazi Literature in the Americas and some flippant joke I made at yesterday’s Backhaus workshop. Bolano’s book is a compendium of humorous, inventive and brilliant entries of invented Nazi authors … Continue reading

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Notes on Lukacs and Reification I.

Rereading History and Class Consciousness this week to rewrite my chapter on fetishism in Lukacs. The first time I wrote the chapter I made a fairly straight forward argument that Lukacs’s theory of reification was inconsistent and contradictory. This time … Continue reading

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Cromwell Had a Vision.

On the occasion of the Jubilee let us take inspiration from the words of The Crucifucks, Cromwell Had a Vision:    

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Pharmaceutical Crises and Questions of Value

Very interesting essay by Kaushik Sunder Rajan entitled Pharmaceutical Crises and Questions of Value: Terrains and Logics of Global Therapeutic Politics that does a good job of tying the sorta odious practices of the health care industry we all know … Continue reading

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