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Anonymous’ War On Value Theory.

Anonoymous seem to have shown their libertarian cards and declared war on Marxist Value Theory. What else can explain the fact that Chris Arthur and Michael Heinrich’s websites are down? Perhaps a sectarian strike by the arch Postonians at Principia … Continue reading

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On London and The Country Teasers/Kinks Homology.

As much as I love the song– if you been on Waterloo bridge at sunset you know its nothing like Waterloo Sunset:     There’s no time to take it in and watch people wander home in a nostalgic and … Continue reading

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Berlin Group for Radical Thinking Summer School.

I assume there is a high degree of crossover between people who live in Berlin and read this blog and people who live in Berlin who know about The Berlin Group for Radical Thinking Summer School. But just in case … Continue reading

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The Nuns.

I’m generally not into tribute acts. When the tribute act is an all female Monks cover band called The Nuns, and they’re playing down the road, I make an exception. This is why:

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In Conclusion.

I’m Sick to death of re-writing and trying to polish my thesis. So I thought I would take the time to outline my conclusion. Its up next and I need to think about it and outline it some more.  This … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot Solidarity.

Some homies from Oly made this excellent vid:  

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Lefebvre jettisons the theory of alienation.

I like this one a whole lot. Someone should stick it on a memo and circulate it to the Post-analytic third generation normative theorists of The Frankfurt School: “At this level it becomes apparent just how necessary — and at … Continue reading

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Lefebvre on Concrete Abstraction and the Method of Capital.

Another day, another section on another book by Lefebvre containing another summary of Capital: The plan of Capital, as it has emerged from the many commentaries on and rereadings of the book (the most literal-minded of which seem, incidentally, to … Continue reading

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Bikini Kill Records.

When I was a kid and I stumbled on an episode of Rosanne with a riot grrl in it, I thought it was just about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Then when I bought some Bikini Kill records I … Continue reading

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Lefebvre on Marx’s method in Capital.

Some more quotes  from Lefebvre on Marx’s method in Capital. Granted, he does use dialectical a bit too much without describing how and why they are dialectical, but still suggestive I reckon. (Betcha can’t tell I’m re-writing my section on … Continue reading

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