Adorno’s Critique of Alienation II

Another quote to be used in a future exegesis on Adorno’s criticism of the young Marx, Marxist humanism and the theory of Alienation:

“What humanity is, is not to be presumed. It is nowadays mere function, unfree,
regressing behind everything with which it is stamped as invariant, be it even the
defenseless neediness on which many anthropologists swear. It carries along the
disfigurements which it experienced over millenia as a social legacy. If the essence of
humanity were deciphered from its contemporary constitution, then this would sabotage
its possibility. A so-called historical anthropology would scarcely suffice any longer. It
would indeed have an insight into the nature of coming to be and conditionality, but
would shuffle this off onto the subjects, under the abstraction of the dehumanization,
which made them into what they are, and which continues to be tolerated in the name of a
qualitas humana [Latin: human quality].” Negative Dialectics Dasein in Itself Ontological.



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