Nirvana with Dale Crover.

Someone posted this footage of a Bleach era Nirvana with Dale Crover from The Melvins on Drums. From what I understand this was one of the few times Crover filled in on drums so its rather remarkable that it was recorded and is now readily available on the internet. (I suppose this will become less remarkable with the requisite recording of everything everywhere you go but I’m just old enough to think its still pretty crazy.)

What’s also remarkable is that its fucking good. Crover kills it, of course. But so do the rest of them.

You also get some idea of what it was like to see Nirvana when they were still an ordinary band and you can appreciate them as band that should be listened to in the context of The Wipers, Melvins,Rough Trade and Olympia,  not as the legendary ‘grunge’ band from Seattle they became when they were equated with shit like Pearl Jam, Candlebox, Stone Temple Pilots, Jester Hats, Cat in the Hat hats, goatees,  Kurt as the spokesman of the generation, Courtney etc  as so well parodied on The Day Today:

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