Lefebvre jettisons the theory of alienation.

I like this one a whole lot. Someone should stick it on a memo and circulate it to the Post-analytic third generation normative theorists of The Frankfurt School:

“At this level it becomes apparent just how necessary — and at the same time how inadequate — the theory of alienation is. The limitations of the concept of alienation lie in this: it is so true that it is completely uncontested. The state of affairs we have been describing and analysing validates the theory of alienation to the full — but it also makes it seem utterly trivial. Considering the weight of the threat and the level of terror hanging over us, pillorying either alienation in general or particular varieties of alienation appears pointless in the extreme. The ‘status’ of the concept, or of liberal (humanist) ideology, is simply not the real issue.” The Production of Space 371

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