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Lefebvre on Social Determinism.

A nice lengthy quote from Lefebvre on his Hegelian-Marxist conception of social determinism, which has interesting parallels with Adorno’s theories of the preponderance of the object, natural history etc: The reality of a social object is comparable to that of … Continue reading

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Country Teasers

It occurred to me that some of you may read this at work. It also occurred to me that some of you may listen to music at work. So I thought I would share some music I listened to at … Continue reading

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Obscure Marxist Theory.

Apparently somebody found this blog by googling ‘obscure marxist theory.’ Looks like I’ve found my niche.

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Lefebvre on fetishism I.

Here’s a lengthy passage from Dialectical Materialism, which Lefebvre wrote in 1938. I think it demonstrates that two things: (1) he grasps how social labour is perverted into a autonomous and inverted fetish form (2) his generally baggy style and … Continue reading

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Nirvana with Dale Crover.

Someone posted this footage of a Bleach era Nirvana with Dale Crover from The Melvins on Drums. From what I understand this was one of the few times Crover filled in on drums so its rather remarkable that it was … Continue reading

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Lefebvre and real abstraction.

Beginning to rewrite my chapter on the role of Henri Lefebvre’s interpretation of fetishism in his theory of social domination. The Lefebvre chapter is the last chapter I need to rewrite. After that I need to write a conclusion and … Continue reading

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Adorno, Fetishism and Social Domination.

I’ve reached the point where the tedious process of re-writing and polishing my chapter on fetishism and social domination in Adorno has become too tedious. Time to move on to doing the same with my Lefebve chapter and send the … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s introduction to the three volumes of Capital Now Out!!

Buy it. And don’t just take it from me:   I hear from many people who’d love to read Capital, but find the thing almost prohibitively daunting. Michael Heinrich has written an excellent little introduction to Marx’s masterpiece. Among its … Continue reading

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Heinrich, Eberman, Kurtz and Vogl: roundtable symposium on economic crisis.

In a shock move Principia Dialectica have broken with tradition and posted something of interest. Something tells me they will soon be back to the sort of infantile sectarianism my friend described as equivalent to behaving like the kid in … Continue reading

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Police Story

Simon Harwood cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests. Just one example of: (a)  the disproportionate number of deaths following contact with the police (b) the legal exculpation of the police officers doing the killing:    

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