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On Schmidt and The Concept of Nature

Two good passages nicked from friends: “Since men are, as physiological beings, directly entwined with nature, organs of its circulation process, what befalls all creatures befalls them; like all animals they die, and nothing comes thereafter, as Brecht puts it. … Continue reading

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Somebody found this blog searching for ‘poo fetishism.’ This is the only way I could think to respond:

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Alfred Schmidt RIP

Do yourself a favor and read The Concept of Nature in Marx and History and Structure. Some people have launched a project to translate more of his work. I wish he had at least outlasted Habermas.

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Lukacs Translation Error.

I spent too much time today panicing and trying to wrap my head around the following paragraph from the Reification essay:  man has become the measure of all (societal) things. The conceptual and historical foundation for this has been laid … Continue reading

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Beefheart in the Big Apple

A great set from the 80s of the Captain giving those no waves kids a run for their atonal skronk money:

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Tweeking with Lukacs

Sorry to say this yet another post about my thesis and not an anecdote about Lukacs and I out on a meth bender.  As I near the process of completion I’ve come to realize these posts have helped me formulate … Continue reading

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Beefheart Beat Club 1972

The Captain proves once again, that even when he was going for the crossover hit, he was something else:

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Michael Heinrich – The Development of Marx’s Theory of Value, and its Ambivalences (English)

Good talk by Heinrich over at Communism.  

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Notes on Honneth’s interpretaton of Reification.

I re-read the beginning of Axel Honneth’s reinterpretation of Reification today. I plan on using him on Postone to show what holes my grand ol’ rejuventation of fetishism and social domination can fill. What follows are some notes: 1) Honneth … Continue reading

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The New Krallice Is Out.

Listen to the immense jams here.

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