marx society dance singing melody

‘marx society dance singing melody’ are the search terms somebody used to find this blog. Probably too late but I thought I would flatter them with a random assortment of Marxy type songs they can sing, dance and form some sorta society with:


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2 Responses to marx society dance singing melody

  1. The Berlin Free Jazz Value Theory fraction appreciatively notes your inclusion of Don Cherry’s Complete Communion, comrade, and after the revolution you will be justly rewarded with a suitably high position in the party apparatus with which to drive out the final lingering, encrusted rests of fetishistic modes of perception among the masses striving for clarity in the face of the tasks of socialist construction.

    P.S. Daydream Nation is the only Sonic Youth album I own. Bought after I read an ooooold interview in Guitar Player magazine from 1988 where they described themselves as a “cyberpunk” band. When I listen to it with headphones on, I still like to pretend it’s a concept album based upon William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy.

    • HR says:

      Funny because Sonic Youth is what got me into free jazz/noise improv. As a misanthropic teen, way back in 1996 or thereabouts, i saw thurston and lee do some secret improv set. The next day I saw this band ascencion open for the youth. They were too free and noisy for the alterna teens who proceeded to throw drinks at them, which led to the drummer running into the crowd and starting a melee. Later that I year I saw Ranaldo and William Hooker at the knitting factory. I was into all of it.

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