Thesis Spiel, or Lukacs and mystified domination.

I read through my first draft of the whole damn thing today. I’m happy to say it was better than I thought. I was smart enough to design it in terms of individual chapters with a summary conclusion at the end so I won’t have to do too much tedious work integrating different parts. Apart from tweaking, making passages less condense, and sorting out the conclusion, the main thing I have to do is refocus the Lukacs Chapter.

What I had before offered more in terms of a survey of the component parts of his interpretation of Marx and then applied it to his theory of reification. Now I need refocus it by bringing out why all these elements relate to each other by bringing out how Lukacs ‘fundamental and crude error’ of confusing objectification with alienation really is fundamental and how in conjunction with totality it forms the basis for his theory of the social constitution and constituents of the mystified social domination of reification.

Thus I tweak my bit on What Is Orthodox Marxism by showing that Lukacs presupposed capitalist social constitution in terms of a dialectical totality with little explanation of this totalities genesis and conceived of fetishism as a pervasive form of mystified domination.

I then move to show how structure is deployed in the reification essay. I show that his interpretation of reification on the basis of his interpretation of Marx’s definition of commodity fetishism conceives of fetishism as thinglike false objectivity fusing elements of Hegel, Marx, Simmel and Weber for the ensuing theory of mystified domination carried out via commodity generalization. This analysis proceeds in terms of the objective theorization of domination in part one and the subjective theorization in part two. However, the standpoint of the proletariat synthesizes these two elements when it is revealed proletarian standpoint overcome mystified domination and gain access to totality.
But prior to that time to get hammered.







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