Alfred Schmidt RIP

Do yourself a favor and read The Concept of Nature in Marx and History and Structure.

Some people have launched a project to translate more of his work. I wish he had at least outlasted Habermas.

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    • HR says:

      Stupid Facebook. Here’s the ‘note’–

      Alfred Schmidt died on August 28th 2012. Much of his work has never received the attention it deserves in the Anglophone world, and what exists is currently out of print. In an attempt to improve this, Jacob Bard-Rosenberg and I are launching a collective translation project of his 1973 text on Feuerbach. The text is around 270 pages. Our plan is to get a group of translators to commit to translating 30 pages of the text (which would mean we’d need 9 translators), which we would put up online and add to when sections are complete, with a view to eventually publishing the translation somewhere (the text would at that point be thoroughly checked by a professional translator etc.).

      I’ll have a scan of the entire text made and can send people their designated 30 pages. There will obviously be questions about how to translate specific terms, but the hope is these can be collectively discussed and agreed upon (by email). Schmidt is an excellently clear writer, and the translation shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone with a moderate level of German reading comprehension. We will set an initial time-frame of 6 months for the first draft of the 30 pages.

      So who is willing and able to partcipate? Please tag others you think might be interested. Nina.

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