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Notes on Gerstenberger: Towards the Trifecta

I think Gerstenberger might provide the best way of working towards some sort of integration between form analysis, critical theory and value theory in terms of a way of historically locating the theoretical insights of form analysis and critical theory. … Continue reading

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Thesis Spiel, or Lukacs and mystified domination.

I read through my first draft of the whole damn thing today. I’m happy to say it was better than I thought. I was smart enough to design it in terms of individual chapters with a summary conclusion at the … Continue reading

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Great Covers

This popped on So, excluding blues,soul, girl group, 60s british invasion motown covers and the detroit cobras, I figured I stick up another few of my favorite covers that sprang to mind: Feel free to stick yours in the comments. … Continue reading

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Thesis Title

I really need a title for my thesis. The original title– ‘Empathy with Exchange-Value; Mass Fetishism and its Repercussions in the Critique of Every Day Life’–is (a) shiiiiittttttttttt (mass fetishism !? I sound like Katy Perry Anderson) and (b) not … Continue reading

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Dawnbringer’s Into The Lair of The Sun God is one of my favorite albums of the year. Its got everything a metal concept album needs–triumphant tunes and a tremendously stupid concept that has something to do with some sort of … Continue reading

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Towards the Value-Form, Critical Theory, Political Marxism Trifecta.

So I’m ready to write my conclusion. Where I think I’m heading towards proposing some sort of fusion between Value-Form Theory, Critical Theory and Political Marxism. Am I bonkers? Or so bonkers I’m staring totality right in the motherfucking face! … Continue reading

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Backhaus on Fetishism.

I’m a particular fan of the following bit from Dialectics of the Value-Form because it does such a good job of: (a) encapsulating the many bad readings of fetishism and (b) bringing out how Marx’s theory of fetishism differentiates itself … Continue reading

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George Jackson: murder of a revolutionary, August 21, 1971.

A day late  

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Spiral Scratch.

Fuck It. Fell into a Buzzcocks youtube hole. Spiral Scratch was an ep the first line up of Buzzcocks put out. Plenty has been written on it, which I won’t repeat. I love cuz it has the pop edge of … Continue reading

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Pete Shelley’s Homosapien popped on my i-tunes shuffle tonight reminding me of two things: (1) the days prior t i-tunes and my itinerant grad school career when I had records and (2) Homosapien is a goood album. Not as great … Continue reading

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