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Query about Erganzungen un Veranderungeng for German reading Marxologists.

Does anyone know if Marx says anything important in Erganzungen un Veranderungeng about the fetish character of the commodities or money or anything about real abstraction? I know the two important passages Heinrich cites but I haven’t come across anything … Continue reading

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Marx on Wagner.

With six weeks to go until I hand in the focus is on working on my presentation and my structure and weaving the separately written chapters together. But before I do that I’m padding out the footnotes in my newly … Continue reading

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Notes on The Trinity Formula and Critical Theory.

What follows are some thoughts on what I am set to propose at the end of my thesis. Its set to be one of these points that combine fanfare with the speculative move of pointing toward something. It will be … Continue reading

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Putin Lights the Fire of the Revolution.

New Pussy Riot tune is a tune:

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Taking Second Nature In A New Direction.

While it can be argued that Lukacs and Adorno’s theories of second nature provide analysis of the constitution and constituents of social domination that are lacking in Marx’s model of capital at its ideal average. It seems to me it … Continue reading

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Marx, Trees and Second Nature II

Marx makes use of trees in The Trinity Formula in the same manner as I pointed out in yesterday’s post: Whatever may be the disparity of these relations in other respects, they all have this in common: Capital yields a … Continue reading

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Marx, Trees and Second Nature.

I came across the two following passages while revising my section on the fetish form of interest-bearing capital. Too tired to go into it but it strikes me that Marx’s comparison of capital and nature differ from Lukacs and Adorno’s. … Continue reading

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We Jam Econo

Someone’s put the whole doc on The Minutemen up:

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Sunday Reading.

The first year of my thesis could be a sitcom. I lived near the top of a down in a rather shambolic house I’d found on Gumtree.   The house was rented by a company that employed the two most incompetent … Continue reading

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Trouble with Fetishism.

Sorry googlers this post isn’t about some whacky comedy or a maudlin psychotherapy session, its about my Marx chapter. And while re-reading the chapter felt like a maudlin comedy, I think I may have cracked the problem. First the problem–if … Continue reading

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