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PR on The Frankfurt School.

Also found this passage amusing: Teaching PR alongside study of the media and mass communication presents further problems. This part of the academic world is still overshadowed by the Frankfurt School, established by those left-wing German social thinkers who fled … Continue reading

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PR and Trans-historical Hypostatization.

Not at all surprised to see that our old friend trans-historical hypostatization is alive and well in PR text books. Look how he egregiously pops up: In a sense PR is timeless, and has existed in all societies since the … Continue reading

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Re-visiting Thrones’ Sperm Whale and White Rabbit EP’s whilst reading PR theory. They are immense. Obolus always floors me. I have many fond memories of it washing over me at an ear bleed volume standing eyes closed taking it all … Continue reading

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Interplanetary Revolution

For your viewing Pleasure:

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Reprinting Intellectual and Manual Labour

It looks like I’ve fallen into the role of helping get Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Intellectual and Manual Labour republished.  I am currently marginally involved in working on translating some of his other work, which I plan on becoming more involved in … Continue reading

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I’m going to Amsterdam from Wednesday-Friday this week. I plan on trying to see the Marx-Engels Papers. If anyone has any recommendations or happens to be in area drop me a line.

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Principia Dialectica RIP.

There are moments that capture the zeitgeist. Events you will always associate with a certain place and time. Baby boomers remember where they were when JFK got shot, The Beatles broke up, or Lennon got shot. People of my generation … Continue reading

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Write-Up Advice.

If your in the final stages of writing up your thesis and your stressed that you won’t make the cut, I advise the following: read some other recent theses. Some weeks back I was getting extra anxious that I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Sohn-Rethel Database.

Some of the people working on translating Alfred Sohn-Rethel have put together a database: This blog is currently under construction, but will ultimately provide a variety of resources useful to those studying the work of the German sociologist and fellow-traveler … Continue reading

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