Question for Marxologists on the esoteric/exoteric Marx and Traditional Marxism.

Question for Marxologists–does anyone happen to know who coined the distinction between the ‘esoteric’ and ‘exoteric’ Marx? I would have assumed it was Backhaus/Reichelt but I think I remember reading that it was Iring Fetscher somewhere. But I may be confusing that with the distinction Fetscher did originate with ‘traditional marxism’ In that case how are the two related? Does Postone still only hold to the later without holding to the former?

I would say the ‘esoteric’/’exoteric’ distinction pertains to the early attempt to separate Marx’s monetary theory of value from his neo-Ricardian theory of value, whereas traditional marxism is a more term for the sort of orientation people have. Does that sound right?


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