Online Gerstenberger Reading Group.

An online reading group to discuss Gerstenberger’s Impersonal Power

is going to start over the next few weeks. Let me know in the comments if you would like to participate.



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6 Responses to Online Gerstenberger Reading Group.

  1. Yunus says:

    I saw it on libcom. You can count on me!

  2. Yunus says:

    Thanks HR, I have already joined the group!

  3. HR,
    Got the book and it does looks good! If you are still planning on running the (online?) reading group and have some clever ideas about how to make it stick together for over 600 pages of reading, I would be interested in hearing a bit more.
    Cheers from Caracas,

    • HR says:

      Hi Carlos,

      We are running the reading group online and plan to start discussing part one sometime in the next few weeks. I’m afraid we don’t have any clever ideas of how to stick together to make it through the whole book, but you are welcome to join and contribute some and try to stick it out with the rest of us.

      I’ve always wanted to visit Caracas.

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