Lefebvre’s Sociology of Forms.

Here’s some interesting passages from The Sociology of Marx that might be some way of starting to think about overcoming the value/empirical capital/many capitals divide. At the very least I would have been quite into Hegelian-Marxist sociology of this kind:

The Marxian sociology will study the emergence of forms, the ways forms react on contents, structures on processes. The results of the processes of change illuminate the latter retrospectively on the one hand, and modify them on the other. While any form, once constituted exhausts the possibilities inherent in it (which are always determined, hence limited), other forms, structures and systems make their appearance. These ‘entities’ born of change seek to survive, and act upon one another, in society as well as in nature. It is incumbent on the sociologist to analyze and expound all these interactions; the historian studies specific processes (hence the genesis of forms and the formation of structures) and the economist specific forms or structures taken in themselves. The interaction of forms and structures leads them to their end. Therefore the sociology will study stable, balanced structures with reference to the elements that undermine them: he will study the established ‘entities’ with reference to the ephemeral aspects, that is dialectically. Study of praxis..i.e. of any particular content, leads to a sociology of forms..such a sociology would accentuate the critical aspect of Marxian thought. The structure generated by the process, the forms created by the contents, tend to immobilize the latter. Radical criticism of  structures and forms is thus inherent in knowledge. The Sociology of Marx 56/7

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