Sohn-Rethel Database.

Some of the people working on translating Alfred Sohn-Rethel have put together a database:

This blog is currently under construction, but will ultimately provide a variety of resources useful to those studying the work of the German sociologist and fellow-traveler of the Frankfurt School Alfred Sohn-Rethel.

Follow us, and we’ll keep you updated on what we’ve managed to gather together via the blog feed

Find it here.

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2 Responses to Sohn-Rethel Database.

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  2. Hey the wiki page for SR says:

    ‘Sohn-Rethel’s work on the nature of ‘real abstraction’ has been amplified and extended by the writers of Arena (Australian publishing co-operative), especially the notion that a post-marxist social and historical analysis can be founded on the ‘real abstraction’ principle.’

    Have you ever come across any of these articles? Arena seems to have undergone a few internal blow outs over the years. I haven’t been able to track any of them down.

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