Principia Dialectica RIP.

There are moments that capture the zeitgeist. Events you will always associate with a certain place and time. Baby boomers remember where they were when JFK got shot, The Beatles broke up, or Lennon got shot. People of my generation are supposed to do the same with Kurt Cobain. I will always remember where I was when I found out that Principia Dialectica have broken up and I will always associate them with the feeling of dissatisfaction and fatigue I feel between coming home from work and having dinner. My only hope is that it was either: (a) a collective decision caused by the cognitive dissonance of actually having read all the authors to which they harnessed their vague and grandiose polemical programme or (b) Moishe Postone, having read their work, pulled a scene like Marshall Mcluhan in Annie Hall and roundly denounced them for misunderstanding his work. Either way they will be missed.

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4 Responses to Principia Dialectica RIP.

  1. In typical Principia Dialectica manner, they couldn’t resist the temptations of a final facepalm, and decided to post some goofy, maudlin “plucky little Israel” crap mourning its dead soldiers.

  2. For that we’d have to obtain the Internet domain.

    Besides, I don’t buy this whole calling it quits deception. I think it’s like when those dinosaur boomer rock bands are always embarking on their “final tour”: unless the ticket receipts are sufficiently high, in which case they have numerous “final tours”.

    Alles gute zum Geburtstag, BTW!

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