Reprinting Intellectual and Manual Labour

It looks like I’ve fallen into the role of helping get Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Intellectual and Manual Labour republished.  I am currently marginally involved in working on translating some of his other work, which I plan on becoming more involved in when I finish my thesis. But I thought I would lend a helping hand to the folks who set up the ASR online resource by contacting Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s son and translator who lives near me to see if he had anything of interest we could post on the online resource.

I was surprised when he responded by saying that I was the first person who had contacted him about ASR’s work in years and that he had given up trying to republish it. From my perspective firmly skewed by the value-form I had assumed a reprint was already in the works. It now looks like I’m the one working on it. The even more exciting news is that MSR just let me know that he has a copy of the first edition of ‘Intellectual and Manual Labour’ with annotations by ASR. I figure these can either be used in a critical edition of the work or posted on the ASR online resource.



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2 Responses to Reprinting Intellectual and Manual Labour

  1. That’s awesome! ASR is also largely out-of-print in German, too, even the major work Intellectual and Manual Labor (I managed to snag a used copy a couple of years ago). Some of his early student work has just been published, don’t know if you’ve heard about that:

    • HR says:

      Cheers, I hadn’t seen that. I’m gonna have to do a bulk order from ca-ira one of these days.

      I managed to find pdfs of waren form und dankform and geistige und korperliche if you even have a hankering to read em

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