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Interview about Karp’s Self Titled LP

Good interview with Jared about one of the best albums ever.

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Theory and PR.

Thanks to nepotism, bureaucratic inefficiency and contingency an MA teaching gig just fell into my lap. I will teaching a class on cultural and social theory in a PR course. I know business departments are increasingly becoming refuges for theorists … Continue reading

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Unwound Live in Nürnberg (Germany) June 17, 1999

Unwound are my favorite band to listen to in the autumn. This live footage is amazing:

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Financialization of Daily Life II: A Review

I finished Randy Martin’s Financialization of Daily Life today. I thought I would jot down some of my impressions of the work here. (language like that doesn’t at all reveal I went to a interdisciplinary liberal arts college does it?) … Continue reading

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Marx, Foucault and Power.

The new issue of Viewpoint features a translation of Foucault’s The Mesh of Power. In the talk Foucault makes some very interesting comments about volume II: How may we attempt to analyze power in its positive mechanisms? It appears to … Continue reading

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Marxism In Other Theory.

I’m always curious to see how Marxism is construed in other theoretical discourses. I’m also usually disappointed at how it is construed where what is designated as Marxism is usually reflective of Wordview Marxism, not Marx’s theory. Its interesting to … Continue reading

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Financialization of Daily Life.

Today I started reading Randy Martin’s Financialization of Daily Life. Part of the conclusion of my thesis is going to gesture towards the way elements of Lukacs, Adorno and Lefebvre’s social theory are relevant today. I have a rough notion … Continue reading

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Sir Drone.

Someone’s posted what appears the be the original version of the best ever film on punk rock: The film was later remade by Pettibon starring Mike Watt and the late Mike Kelley.

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Viewpoint: Theory and Practice.

Innaresting new issue of Viewpoint. I just finished the interview with Balakrishnan, which I recommend:   Issue 2: Theory and Practice September 2012 The Neighborhood is the New Factory | Liz Mason-Deese The movements of the unemployed, which first emerged in … Continue reading

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Lies Journal.

I’ve been hearing good things about Lies:   LIES is a new journal spearheaded by a feminist collective based in Oakland, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York City. Description LIES is a platform for certain conversations and critiques that are … Continue reading

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