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John Peel Archive.

Somebody has put 458 Peel Shows up on Sound Cloud!

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Charles Post–The American Road to Capitalism on Against The Grain.

I used to listen to the shit out of this show working various temp office drone jobs. Here’s a recent interview with Post on his book.

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Lefebvre’s Sociology of Forms.

Here’s some interesting passages from The Sociology of Marx that might be some way of starting to think about overcoming the value/empirical capital/many capitals divide. At the very least I would have been quite into Hegelian-Marxist sociology of this kind: … Continue reading

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Lefebvre on Capital and Concrete Abstraction.

Polishing my Lefebvre chapter. Don’t recall if I posted these passages where he discusses Capital– In Capital (1867) Marx worked out his conception of the dialectic still more thoroughly. The categories are abstract, inasmuch as they are elements obtained by … Continue reading

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SST–The Tour

See you in the pit:

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Lukacs, Reification and Crisis.

Exemplary of the third generation of the Frankfurt School’s rejuvenation of reification is that it has not broached Lukacs’ discussion of crisis. (Now why would you want to criticize capitalism and make a stab being relevant when you can write … Continue reading

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Reading List on Financialization.

The Political Marxism and the Social Sciences website has what seems to be an extensive reading list on financialization here. They also look to be assembling a helpful database of Political Marxism type resources, including– bibilographies of the major thinkers … Continue reading

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Online Gerstenberger Reading Group.

An online reading group to discuss Gerstenberger’s Impersonal Power is going to start over the next few weeks. Let me know in the comments if you would like to participate.    

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Towards A Systematic Dialectic.

Very clear paper by Arthur outlining his project of systematic dialectic and the Marx Hegel homology: Substantively systematic dialectic reexamines or reconstructs Marxian theory in the light of the above protocols. (Indeed, it is striking that those who have attempted … Continue reading

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Magazine on TOTP

Caught this footage–which i’d never seen before– on one of those punks on the BBC programs last night: they also showed this Much more terrifying then the obligatory footage of ‘God Save The Queen’ or ‘Anarchy’ they always cut to … Continue reading

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