Country Winners.

Today’s brutal seminar–with its blank faces and lack of responses–made me feel like this:

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Deep in the adjunct crackhole.
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3 Responses to Country Winners.

  1. Kambing says:

    When engaged in wage labour, however ‘intellectual’ or ‘affective’ it may be, a substantial dose of alienation is often necessary to ensure your own relative mental well-being. Though often presented as a major benefit of an academic career, deep investment and identification is a trap, especially in a heavily neoliberalised higher education industry.

    In other words, I’ve been there 🙂

    • HR says:

      Thanks for the advice. Although it’s probably fair to say I’m already somewhat detached considering the subject i’m teaching. Its just that I’ve been put in this frustrating situation of teaching a course that nobodies seems interesting in. While I understand they are focused on what they think will practically advance their career I don’t get the lack of interest in theories about the world their profession is situated in, most of which it seems to me could be helpful. Instead 8 out of 20 people showed up to seminar and the engagement was brutally minimal. I felt like a comedian dying on stage with each question–from brands to psot-fordism to consumer culture to whether or not people had question or understood the lecture and reading– being met with stone cold silence.

    • HR says:

      I would find this behavior understandable if it was a first year class, but its an MA course. Either way advice duly noted.

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