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I gotta sinus headache and I’m skiving off work so I can make it to HM. Since I’m pretty much incapable of thinking at the moment I thought I would throw together a list of papers I’m looking forward to. Unfortunately, manner of them are at the same time,

THURSDAY A 13.30-15.15


The rule of abstraction: Hegel and the critique of bourgeois society

Chair: Alberto Toscano

Giorgio Cesarale – Hegel’s Notion of Abstract Labour in the Elements of the Philosophy of Right

Jamila Mascat – Living abstractly in concrete capitalism

Nathaniel Boyd – “Who Thinks Concretely?” – Hegel and the Critique of ‘Political’ Abstraction.

THURSDAY B 15.45-17.30


Western Marxisms

Chair: Matteo Mandarini

Peter Thomas – Considerations on Contemporary Western Marxism

Domenico Losurdo – Western Marxism and Oriental Marxism: An Unfortunate Split

Frieder Otto Wolf – Why Marxism needs philosophy more than ever: Re-discovering Karl Korsch’s ‘Marxism and Philosophy


Absolute Hegel: Time, Money and Reification

Chair: Sami Khatib

Eric John Russell – Hegel as Critic of Reification

Frank Engster – Measure as Mediation: Self-consciousness, Being and Money

Jacob Blumenfeld – The Abolition of Time in Hegel’s Absolute Knowing (and its relevance for Marx)

THURSDAY C 18.15-20.00


Marxism and Critique (Marx and Philosophy Society)

Chair: Andrew Chitty

Christopher Arthur – What is a critique of political economy?

Bob Cannon – The ethical significance of class struggle

Sean Sayers – Alienation as a critical concept

FRIDAY E 11.45-13.30


Class, Work and Crisis

Chair: Alberto Toscano

Sergio Bologna – Independent Work in the Crisis of the Western Middle Class
Nicholas Gray – Towards a Periodisation of the Capitalist Class Relation

Ken Kawashima – On the Concept of the Cause of Crisis and the Question of Labour Power


Freedom, Liberation, Autonomy

Chair: Lucia Pradella

Marcel van der Linden– Freedom, Slavery and Self- realization

Matthew Caygill – Revisiting the Dialectics of Liberation

John Clegg – Wage labour and capitalism: elective affinities

FRIDAY G 16.15-18.00


Generalised non- equivalence, or, Marxism and capitalism beyond pure abstraction.
A discussion convened by Mute Magazine

Chair: Anthony Iles

Loren Goldner – Money, capital & non-equivalence: fictitious capital and social non-reproduction today

Gail Day – All that’s solid melts into air? Beyond the story of abstraction

Melanie Gilligan and Benedict Seymour – On the culture and politics of generalised non- equivalence

Discussant: Marina Vishmidt


Analysing the Crisis

Chair: Mary Robertson

Geert Reuten – Structural Causes of the 2008 Crisis

Jim Kincaid – Surplus Money Capital and the Crisis: Why the Fixes are Failing

Maria Ivanova – The Dollar as World Money


FRIDAY 18.15-20.00 10

Khalili Lecture Theatre

Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Prize Lecture

Chair: Esther Leslie
Jairus Banaji Seasons of self-delusion: opium, capitalism and the financial markets

SATURDAY I 11.15-13.00


On Some Destructive Characters: Unemployment, Politics, Philosophy

Chair: Benjamin Noys
Sami Khatib – On the Lumpen, Nihilism, and Unemployed Negativitity: Marx, Benjamin, Bataille

Alberto Toscano – Uses of the Useless: Political Philosophies of Unemployment

Geoff Mann – Hegel: The First Keynesian?


Hegel and Marx

Chair: Peter Thomas

Fred Moseley – the universal and the particulars in Hegel’s Logic and Marx’s theory of capitalism

Riccardo Bellofiore – Lost in translation? Once again on the Marx-Hegel connection

Harrisson Fluss – Ideas Made Flesh: Marcuse and the Transition from Hegel to Marx

SATURDAY J 13.45-15.30


Reading Capital Historically

Chair: Lucia Pradella

Michael Kraetke – A “theory of capitalist development” (Rosa Luxemburg)? On the logic and the historical meaning of Marx’ “laws of motion” and “laws of development” in Capital

Alex Callinicos – Deciphering Capital
Discussant: Jairus Banaji

SATURDAY K 15.45-17.30


Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism (Book launch)

Chair: Lauren Langman Peter Hudis

David McNally Werner Bonefeld Anej Korsika



The Politics of Reproduction

Chair: Greg Schwartz Brian Whitener – Far-Left

Feminist Histories: Wages for Housework and Gender as a Category of Marxist Analysis Maya Gonzalez – ‘The Gendered Sphere’

Ankica Cakardic – The female problem in political economy: From Yugoslav self-management to austerity measures

SUNDAY L 10.00-11.45


Money, Finance and Imperialism

Chair: Giorgos Galanis

George Labridinis – Will the dowry of the euro come out of the chest?
James Meadway – Marx, Keynes and the circulation of money Samuel Knafo – Conceptualising Financialisation from the Perspective of Power
Tony Norfield – Profit, Finance and Imperialism



Chair: Juan Grigera

Michael Kraetke – The Political Economy of Debt
Michael Roberts – Debt matters Elif Karacimen – Political Economy of Consumer Debt in Developing Countries: Evidence from Turkey


Natural Beauty and Negative Images
in Adorno

Chair: Rose-Anne Gush Sebastian Truskolaski – Images

Without Images: Adorno on ‘Natural Beauty’
Tom Allen – Melancholia and the Radical Particular: Adorno’s Final Words on Natural Beauty
Jacob Bard-Rosenberg – Memories of origination: the Kant-Freud complex in Adorno’s aesthetic of natural beauty


Considerations on Marxist Westerns

Chair: Rob Knox
David Cunningham – Western

Epics: The Historical Novel of Contemporary Capitalism Benjamin Noys – Reflexive Nihilism: Robert Aldrich’s Ulzana’s Raid (1972)

Discussant: Alberto Toscano

SUNDAY 16.30-18.30 19

Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre



Chair: Adam Hanieh

Silvia Federici Kathi Weeks David McNally

Occupy Reproduction: Movements, Commons and the Grand Domestic Revolution

Feminist Politics, Social Reproduction, and Life after Work

Labour-Power and Social Reproduction: From Capital to the Current Crisis

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