Value: The Representation of Value in Capital.

Someones uploaded the out of print Value: The Representation of Value in Capital. The collection was edited by Diane Elson and put out by CSE books in 1979. My understanding is that it was one of the first Anglophone collections on value. It features Jairus Banaji’s seminal essay, ‘From the Commodity to Capital: Hegel’s Dialectic in Marx’s Capital’, which Chris Arthur cites in virtually everything he has done. There are also essays by Arthur, on the ‘Dialectic of the Value Form and Ito on ‘Marx’s theory of Market-value’. Finally there are a series of essay– ‘Reading Marx on Value: A Note on the Basic Texts’ by Aboo Aumeeruddy and Ramon Tortajada, ‘Why Labour is the starting point of Capital’ by Geoffrey Kay,  ‘Misreading Marx’s Theory of Value: Marx’s Marginal Notes on Wagner’ by Athar Hussain. and ‘Elson’s The Value Theory of Labour,’ which I haven’t read. Amazingly, Aumeeruddy worked at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex, which has since been taken of by NGOs to the point that they had to ask me to go and talk to them about Marx and value.


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