Sohn Rethel Scan.

Spending part of this weekend scanning some of Sohn-Rethel’s annotated texts. Below is the most extensive annotation in the English edition of Intellectual and Manual Labour. It reads:

To the salesman and the customer this is the all important difference even though the mere try-out and the actual use may be indistinguishable empirically [by empirical description]. So long as the commodity is in the market its sense-reliablity has no more than the emotional value acknowledged by subjective idealism. Only in actual use does it assume objective reality. But this is ruled out in the market, and it is the market, the social place, which bourgeois philosophy, reflects. The change from the subjective to the objective reality of the use-value as a commodity is brought about by the money paid for it; but money is no philosophical argument.’


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4 Responses to Sohn Rethel Scan.

  1. Robert says:

    Have you gotten around to watching this yet?

    I’d be interested in your impressions.

  2. Robert says:

    My impression is that Andrew is a very angry person.  He seemed to be thoroughly put out for the duration – either with the other panelists, the format of the event, or both.  I think Harvey’s weakness might have been in his attempt to actually stick to the presenter’s questions, which I agree were far too many and far too complex given the format.  His money proposal is silly, but nobody else had any proposals at all.  We are stuck (yet again) with a very good understanding of the logic of accumulation at work in the mode of commodity production, but no idea how to begin to organize to break it.  If Paul is correct, which I think he is, that capital has simply needed fewer and fewer workers in order to reproduce itself, and Andrew is correct, which I’m not sure he is, that waged-labor has in fact NOT experienced a decline in its per-hour share of the surplus, then we are indeed in a real fix in regards to the propects for a mass-based socialist transformation.  I would love to have had David McNally, Leo Panitch and Michael Heinrich on hand, and to have changed the questions considered to simply stick to the title of the panel (analyses of the economic crisis)!

    Thank you for the links!

    • HR says:

      I agree we are in a helluva a fix and that a Heinrich, McNally, Panitch panel would be excellent. I thought Kliman made some points to the effect that we need some type of reformism at the moment and revolutionary change in the long term. Maybe I made that I up. Mattick usually stresses the need to learn survival skills, horde and squat. I guess this all points to the appeal of the communisation thesis.

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