Thesis Update.

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything on my thesis for awhile. I turned in the draft I posted here to my supervisors at the beginning of October. Since then I have been preoccupied with teaching and more or less took a break from working on my thesis. One of my supervisors just got back to me. I meet with him about it on Thursday. I’m trying not to be too nervous because the other people who have read have said it will pass. I also have two months to implement any suggestions the supervisor has. But to be honest I’m at the point where I just want to finish. I no longer have the will power to implement any changes in the substanative chapters of my thesis until after my Viva. So I am hoping I get suggestions on presentation which I can implement along with the other tasks I have to do before I complete: (a) sorting out my references and bibliography (b) polishing up the first two sections of my conclusion. (c) changing the speculative bit on my conclusion (d) writing the preface, acknowledgements etc. and turning the fuckin thing in.


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