Alfred Sohn-Rethel Articles.

Long shot but does anyone have Pdfs or hard copies they can make into pdfs of the following Alfred Sohn-Rethel articles:

‘The Advocacy of Materialism’, The Modern Quarterly, New Series, Vol. 3, no.1, Winter 1947/8 (Lawrence & Wishart).

‘Historical-Materialist Theory of Knowledge,’ Marxism Today, Apr 1965 (Lawrence & Wishart).

‘Imperialism, the Era of Dual Economics. Suggestions for a Marxist Critique of ‘Scientific Management’”, Praxis (Zagreb, Yugoslavia) no. 1/2, 1969.

‘Mental and Manual Labour in Marxism.’ in Situating Marx, ed. Paul Walton and Stuart Hall (Human Context Books by the Chaucer Publishing Co. Ltd, 1972).

‘Intellectual and Manual Labour,’ Radical Philosophy 6. Winter 1973 (Published by the Radical Philosophy Group)
‘Science as Alienated Consciousness’, Radical Science Journal, no. 2/3 1975-9 (Poland Street, London)
‘The Dual Economics of Transition, ‘CSE Pamphlet, no. 1, 1976
(Conference of Socialist Economists, 21 Theobalds Road, London)

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