Commodity Form Analysis and Contingency.

In the course of a conversation I had last night with someone working on an article on real abstraction and counter intuition I had a thought about how contingency might be factored into commodity form analysis. Without going into too much detail I think it can be said that the type of form analysis that proceeds from the commodity does so in terms of structure. For example in Lukacs it is the structure of the commodity form that is generalized into reification, for Sohn-Rethel it is the structure of the exchange abstraction that forms the basis for abstract thought. While I find some appeal in these theories it also seems that they are too standardized. One could follow Adorno and attempt to subvert this standard by brushing everything that does not correspond with such a structure into non-identity. But this still seems to discount the contingency, uncertainty and precarity that is endemic to exchange, social life and thought. Therefore it seems to me that one way to try to bring these elements into commodity form analysis would be to stress the fact that what is also a structural feature of exchange in capitalism is the fact that x number of items put on the market will not be exchanged. Just a thought with my morning cups of coffee.

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