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Notes on Portland and the Whimsical Mode of Production.

I’ve spent the last few days in Portland. Its an interesting and unusual place, which a friend and I proposed to analyze through the lens of what we termed the Whimsical Mode of Production. Our analysis ran along the following … Continue reading

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Theses on Occultism Today.

On the train to Portland reading the introduction to David McNally’s Monsters of the Market. The people behind me are discussing witchcraft, chakras etc. These forms of what Adorno once referred to as Occultism along with astrology, holistic medicine etc  are … Continue reading

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On Editing and Obsolescence

And so it came to pass on the 27th day of December in 2012 that I changed the phrase in my thesis which I used to name this blog. In an attempt to anticipate fussy examiners I have been working … Continue reading

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Further on the Postone/Lukacs Homology.

In the final stretch of my thesis, which I started working on again today. Whilst revising my Lukacs chapter I came across his definition of abstract labour, which you could almost use as an epigram for Postone’s conception of it … Continue reading

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A Very Marx and Engels Xmas.

Excerpts from the MECW could serve as grounds for ‘very Marx and Engels xmas special’ in which our heroes face the trials and tribulations we all face at xmas: Marx had a doting ma: “If you have any wish to … Continue reading

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The Birth of Australian Capitalism.

This article by Elizabeth Humphrys, that picks up on Marx’s comments on Mr. Peel and the work of Banaji, looks like an interesting contribution to the current crop of good work on the emergence of capitalism.

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Have yrself a very Marxist Xmas


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Off to spend Xmas with some of the family in Puerto Vallarta. Posting might be light over the next week cuz i’ll be busy doing this:

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Originally posted on Radical Notes:
Werner Bonefeld A Talk to the London Anarchist Bookfair, October 2010 I I want to start with a quotation from a Socialist Workers Party poster that I saw on the way to the Anarchist Bookfair.…

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