On Editing and Obsolescence

And so it came to pass on the 27th day of December in 2012 that I changed the phrase in my thesis which I used to name this blog. In an attempt to anticipate fussy examiners I have been working on distinguishing theories, such as Lukacs, that use the term reification to describe the entirety of their theory of social domination from accounts in which reified social relations are a necessary component. Therefore the phrase ‘the reification (versachlichung) of persons and the personification of things’ has been changed to reified social relations (which I argue are constitutive of the objectification of persons i.e. social labour) and the personification of things. Although this is a minor change I think it also allows me to empahasize another important difference between theories of reification as social domination and theories of social domination that include reified social relations: that is whilst the former account for domination in terms of dehumanization and the transformation of people into things, the later account for domination in the way that personified things and personification compel and dominate individual action in accordance with the imperative of capitalist valorization.

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