Theses on Occultism Today.

On the train to Portland reading the introduction to David McNally’s Monsters of the Market. The people behind me are discussing witchcraft, chakras etc. These forms of what Adorno once referred to as Occultism along with astrology, holistic medicine etc  are prevalent in the PNW. Perhaps one should update Adorno’s theses on occultism to complement McNally’s. Whilst the later interprets the monstrous as a testament to the corporeal maiming capital inflicts on our bodies, the former can decipher the intellectual pig ignorance of occultism as the alternative of no alternative:

Superstition is knowledge, because it sees together the ciphers of destruction scattered on the social surface; it is folly, because in all its death-wish it still clings to illusions: expecting from the transfigured shape of society misplaced in the skies an answer that only a study of real society can give.

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