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Banaji on Debt.

If memory serves David Graeber referred to the work of Jairus Banaji in several of his responses to criticisms of Debt. Graeber rightly pointed out that Banaji’s work departs from the model of the ideal average that Marx provides in … Continue reading

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Second Nature and the Organic Composition of Capital?

Dumb question–has anyone written anything aligning what Hegelian-Marxists interpret as Marx’s theory of second nature/natural history in relation to his theory of the organic composition of capital? If not such a comparison would show how and why Marx articulates the … Continue reading

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Is The Whole World Going Bankrupt?

Its not just you or me, its motherfucking distribution qua value as Stephan Kaufmann and Ingo Stützle point out in this excellent document available over at the RLS website: In the 1990s, it was “globalization.” Now “government debt” is considered … Continue reading

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Fuckin tune this:

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Value and Eating.

With the holidays approaching, the pervasiveness of cooking programs and the subsumption of lifestylism by the foodie industry, a few words from Marx on the historical specificity of value in relation to cooking: ‘The only thing which clearly lies at … Continue reading

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PR in a nutshell.

I should have just shown this in my PR course and left:

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The Philosophy of Walter Benjamin–This Weekend!!

I’ll be chairing a session at this weekend’s conference on “The Philosophy of Walter Benjamin.’ As is typical of me, I just started preparing. The timing practice is going all right, as are the drill sessions when I shout down … Continue reading

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The Music of Fred Cole.

Fred Cole, and later Fred and Toody, are Northwest Punk institutions. His oeuvre links the 60s garage scene with punk and its later incarnation in the USA DIY network. Below you will find an interview in which Cole and Toody … Continue reading

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Final Notes on Postone.

I just finished TLSD. As you’ve probably noticed I had my problems with it. I don’t want to go over them in detail again as they are available elsewhere on this blog. Instead I want to focus on two points: … Continue reading

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Notes on Re-reading Postone IX: A point of clarification.

In which Postone lays out that what I am keen to see in his reconstruction of Marx are outside the bounds of his study, even though it seemed to me that this was initially what he set up: Although I … Continue reading

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