Finishing The Thesis.

Apologies for the light posting I’m finally finishing my thesis. Whilst you might imagine this entails me frantically typing Kerouac style and dousing myself with equal parts benzadrine and coffee, its actually me fiddling with font sizes, footnotes and zotero in my dad’s apartment with the radio on the background which I alternate between NPR and Freedom 1590.  I fucking hate NPR and its smug weeny-voiced faux progressive platitudes as much as I hate the wing nut tea party bloviaters on Freedom 1590, but whilst they both piss me off, they are better than my dad’s collection of contemporary gospel/r&b or the calm silence of the void.


About HR

Deep in the adjunct crackhole.
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One Response to Finishing The Thesis.

  1. negative potential says:

    “Frustration is one of the great things in art; satisfaction is nothing.”

    – Malcolm McLaren

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