Australian Capitalism.

Here are two blogs on Australian capitalism. Like this one they are intended to supplement the PhD’s each of the bloggers are working on. The first is With Sober Senses and the second is An Integral State.

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7 Responses to Australian Capitalism.

  1. Hey just a quick comment. This is new work for me separate from my PhD work ( which I finished in 2008) and can now be found here

  2. Kambing says:

    Thanks for the links – I’ve encountered both authors’ work before but hadn’t seen these new blogs. There’s a lot to think about in terms of the poltical and economic signifiance of the ‘mining boom’, to what extent Australia has avoided (or simply delayed) the most recent crisis, and the implementation of forms of neoliberal austerity absent the legitimising role of an acute crisis.

    The discussion in the latest With Sober Senses post on the ‘objective strength’ and ‘subjective weakness’ of the Australian working class is particularly interesting. I think I agree with that basic assessment, but I’d also emphasise the disciplining role of debt and (imagined) property ownership as well as the cultural-political influence of FIFO resource work and the macho ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic associated with it.

    • HR says:

      Glad you found them interesting. Have you written anything on what you outline?

      • Kambing says:

        Nothing more than a short comment over on Dave Eden’s blog. At this point my assessment is really just an impressionistic sense rather than the product of systematic research.

  3. Hey Kambing, I am think of trying to take on board your points in relation to class composition soon.

    • Kambing says:

      Cool, I look forward to it. Although I am sceptical of a widespread refusal of work (at least in WA – the refusal to move west may be a different story), there certainly does seem to be a crisis of reproduction associated with FIFO work. Yesterday I had the occasion to look through an inflight magazine for one of the local airlines that serves the mining industry, which was very revealing – articles on divorce law and boarding schools, and an ad for a housecleaning service called ‘The Miner’s Wife’. The only thing missing was the brothel ads.

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