Howlin’ Wolf’s Materialism.

Check out Wolf’s spiel on how evil is created by conditions:

In case you didn’t know, he’s also a bad ass:


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One Response to Howlin’ Wolf’s Materialism.

  1. negative potential says:

    BTW, to re-enter the realm of vague speculation about ultimate origins of “blues”, it should be noted that Smokestack Lightnin’ (my favorite song of his, BTW), is strictly speaking, not a blues. No I-IV-V progression. It basically stays on one chord(E minor) throughout the duration of the tune.

    A lot of Mississippi Hill Country “blues” stuff is this sort of one-chord lament, which is why I drew the comparison a while back with Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”.

    Vocally, this kind of thing sounds very bluesy, so I think there’s a fair case to be made that it probably represents some archaic predecessor to the 12-bar form, but if there’s one thing reading Wald has taught me, it’s that these kind of speculations are basically unprovable.

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