Live Blues.

Following Negpot’s recommendation I read Elijah Wald’s Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues on the plane. Since then I’ve been listening to songs by some of the more prominent blues singers I hadn’t heard of such as Lonnie Johnson and Leroy Carr. I also found the following, which in addition to having some good footage, also serves as a pretty good representation of Wald’s thesis about how the blues was constructed as a genre of music premised on a romantic notion of bluesman as the authentic voice of rural suffering by the white kids who started listening to it in the 60’s. Dig especially the beginning with T-Bone Walker–who by many accounts was usually a flashyly dressed guitar virtuoso–playing his acoustic guitar on a set that emulates the rural exoticism of the blues and was possibly later used in The Jerk:

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2 Responses to Live Blues.

  1. negative potential says:

    The stupid intellectual property defenders of UMG won’t allow that YouTube clip to be viewed in Germany.
    Re: T-Bone Walker, one of my favorite anecdotes from the book is the one about the German concert promoter who told T-Bone Walker not to play his guitar behind his back or do splits on stage.

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