Capital in 1861-63.

As you can probably tell from the quote fest, I am dealing with interim period between getting my thesis copy edited and turning it in, by reading the 1861-63 manuscripts. After that I plan to re-read all three volumes of Capital. I figure since the 1861-63 manuscripts are underrepresented in the work on Capital that posting some of the interesting parts might be helpful and interesting to readers of this blog. Speaking of which, here is an excellent bit by Marx on capital:

“Capital is productive of value only as a relation, in so far as it is a coercive force on wage labour, compelling it to perform surplus labour, or spurring on the productive power of labour to produce relative surplus value. In both cases it only produces value as [VI-263] the power of labour’s own objectified conditions over labour when these are alienated from labour; only as one of the forms of wage labour itself, as a condition of wage labour.” mecw 30 399


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