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Productive Labour.

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Capital in 1861-63.

As you can probably tell from the quote fest, I am dealing with interim period between getting my thesis copy edited and turning it in, by reading the 1861-63 manuscripts. After that I plan to re-read all three volumes of … Continue reading

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Cooperation and the Personification of things.

One of the mistakes I made in my thesis was that I did not focus on the importance of subsumption in Marx’s account of fetishism or the lack of a sophisticated account of subsumption in Lukacs, Adorno and Lefebvre. Here … Continue reading

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Social Productive Power, Subsumption and Capital.

A nice passage from the 1861-63 manuscripts highlighting subsumption and the perversion of social labour in the forms of money and capital: “The social productive power which arises from cooperation is a free gift. The individual workers or rather labour … Continue reading

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Blood on Brighton Beach.

Sonic Youth on Brighton beach in 1985:

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The Fucking Champs Live.

Reckon this was when they were touring IV. The camera is sorta all over the place and not on Josh Smith some of the time it should be, but still a righteous set:

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Abstraction in 1861-63.

I don’t recall having come across this passage before: We have seen that the basis of value is the fact that human beings relate to each other’s labour as equal, and general, and in this form social, labour. This is … Continue reading

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Free Time.

On the social genesis of Sunday: The relation which compels the worker to do surplus labour is the fact that the conditions of his labour exist over against him as capital. He is not subjected to any external compulsion, but … Continue reading

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Money and Alienated Labour in 1861-63.

I thought I would flag up the following bit from the 1861-63 Manuscripts which I think has interesting parallels with the famous manuscript on estranged labour. It may simply be the way Marx kept notes, but it seems to me … Continue reading

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Crisis/Credit from 1861-1863.

Apt quote on crisis and credit from Marx’s notebooks on the ‘Exchange of Money with Labour Capacity’ ‘In all countries where the capital-relation is developed the worker’s labour capacity is only paid for after it has functioned as such. In … Continue reading

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