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Notes on Translation in Part One of Capital Continued.

An odd translation of the following passage on the necessary expression of the value-form by Fowkes that substitutes ‘material and non-mental’ for objective (‘sachlichen.’) ‘On the other hand, it is in fact necessary that value, as opposed to the multifarious … Continue reading

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La Commune

Someone has uploaded an English subtitled version of Peter Watkins La Commune on Youtube.

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Another note on translation in part one of Capital.

It is interesting to compare Fowkes and Ehrbar’s translation of what I think is a very important following passage. Fowkes translation of Veräußerung as ‘alienation’, although intended in the sense of exchangable, might lead one to interpret it in relation … Continue reading

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Contextualizing marxist-humanism.

Does anyone know of any historical work on marxist-humanism that tries to provide a social explanation for its development. What I mean by this is rather than providing the sort of explanation you often find for its development in relation … Continue reading

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Mistranslations of “Schein” and “Erscheinung”: The Structure of Chapter 1 of Capital, Volume I

A much more systematic account of these translation issues than my babble: Mistranslations of “Schein” and “Erscheinung”: The Structure of Chapter 1 of Capital, Volume I IGOR HANZEL ABSTRACT: The argument of Marx’s Capital, Volume I, chapter 1, has a … Continue reading

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Speculative Follow-up to Notes on Translation.

Another possible issue about the use of the word embody for ‘ershcien’ instead expression/representation is how it factors into Marx’s method of presentation across all three volumes of Capital. Does use the of term ’embodied’ in Marx’s depiction of simple … Continue reading

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Notes on translation in Part One of Capital.

I’m re-reading Kapital volume 1 by comparing Fowkes and Ehbar’s translation. The Fowkes translation is the standard translation and is miles better than any of the other published English translations. It is also the book that Harvey uses in his … Continue reading

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