Real Abstraction in 1861-63 II


“the cause of the value of a commodity or of the fact that two commodities are equivalent are the circumstances which cause the seller, or perhaps both the buyer and the seller, to consider something to be the value or the equivalent of a commodity. The “circumstances” which determine the value of a commodity are by no means further elucidated by being described as circumstances which influence the “MIND” of those engaging in exchange. (These same circumstances (independent of the MIND, but influencing it), which compel the producers to sell their products as commodities — circumstances which differentiate one form of social production from another — provide their products with an exchange value which (also in their MIND) is independent of their use value. Their “MIND”, their consciousness, may be completely ignorant of, unaware of the existence of, what IN FACT determines the value of their commodities or their products as values. They are placed in conditions which determine their reasoning but they may not know it. Anyone can use money as money without necessarily understanding what money is. Economic categories are reflected in the mind in a very distorted fashion.) He [Bailey] transfers the problem into the mental sphere, because his theory has nothing further to offer. The circumstances which, as such, likewise exist (or perhaps they do not, or perhaps they are incorrectly conceived) in the consciousness of those engaging in exchange.” MECW 32. 348


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